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Here's why you should become a Vendor, Its Free to Join

Halton Property Management Welcomes All Vendors To Our Firm, However Only Vendors That Are Fully Licensed & Insured Shall Be Considered.


Halton offers year round work with guaranteed minimums. 

Halton has predetermined job prices that shall be provided to the customer to eliminate quoting.


Receive Bi-weekly payouts via direct deposit.  

Access our network, Halton acts as a one stop shop for our clients.

Halton shall email you confirmed jobs from clients in need of your services.

Clients payment information is already saved, you won't have to compete with estimating unless you want leads as well. 

No need to create invoices, once the job is completed simply provide us the before and after photos and the customer shall receive their invoice for the completed service. 

It's free to join Halton. A background fee may apply ($52.00).

No subscriptions, Halton only takes a percentage of each job you complete. This is referred to as our management fee. You only pay for jobs you choose to complete. 

Confirmed jobs are sent to you via email, view the description, general location, date/time required, you will have 5 minutes to accept it or decline it as it will be offered to other vendors in your service category.

Once you accept the job, the clients contact information shall be provided to you to contact with your ETA.

Have Any Questions Please Contact Us.


We are currently seeking vendors in every city in Ontario.

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