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Service Professionals. Friendly Reminder On How To Accept

As a Halton Property Management Group Service Professional we want you to have a convenient method of accepting Jobs within our firm.

How does it work?

Halton's service professionals access and complete jobs through a streamlined process. After registering as a service professional, you can view available jobs within your service area by clicking "Enter Available Jobs." Review all jobs, even those outside your current area, and either accept or decline. To accept, complete a form above available jobs with the job reference number, your name, and email, then select "Accept."

Filter For The Job(s) You Want.

If available, and upon acceptance, you'll receive an email inviting you to upload files to the specified job reference number. Once received, the job is yours to complete within the given time frame. After completing the task, Return to your Halton service professional account, select the job awarded to you or simply return to your invitation email and upload before and after photos to confirm job completion.

Complete The Job, Upload Before,and After Photos

Upon uploading, the job is marked as completed and removed. Payment for the job is then processed. This systematic approach ensures efficient job allocation, completion, and payment for Halton's service professionals.

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